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What is Virgin Galactic?
Virgin Galactic is the world’s first
spaceline. Owned by Sir Richard Branson, it will make space travel a realistic possibility for ordinary people. Its first spaceships are currently under construction in California.

What does the space flight consist of?
The spaceship will fly into space over three times faster than the speed of sound. While looking back at the Earth, its passengers will be able to experience weightlessness and float around the cabin. At the end of its flight the spaceship will be pulled back into the Earth’s atmosphere by the Earth’s gravity before returning to the ground like an aircraft.

How many passengers and pilots will there be on each flight?
SpaceShipTwo will carry six astronaut passengers and two pilots.

Where will the space flights be launched from?
Virgin Galactic’s spaceport, Spaceport America, which is being built in New Mexico.

How far will passengers be able to see?
1000 miles (1600 km) in all directions
How high will the spaceship go?
Space officially begins at a height of 330,000 ft (100 km). Our space flights will reach around 360,000 feet (110 km).

How long will the flights last?
Approximately 2 hours.

What training is needed?
The Virgin Galactic spaceship is designed to fly almost anyone to space without the need for long term training. Passengers will have three days of extensive pre-flight training. This may include flight simulation or centrifuge training to prepare for the g-forces.

Why explore and experience space?
Besides being a fun and out of this world experience, we believe that flying in space will change the lives of the thousands who will travel with us. Every astronaut that we have spoken to tells us that seeing our planet from outer space makes them realise how fragile and small our planet is, and how important it is to protect our Earth.


This will be a trip of a lifetime…


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