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Traveluxx  is happy to announce that we have just partnered with a top Global Travel Security company that provides an experienced, qualified and proven travel bodyguard and security specialist. Working internationally, with client roster that includes celebrities, corporate leaders and sports people. They are experienced almost every kind of security work imaginable, and has repeteadly excelled in the field. From sublte background event security, to accompanying a celebrity shopping. They can provide a huge range of security services, from travelling around the world and being completely sure that your loved ones, assets and property are safe, to event and outing security. There’s a million different unique situations out there, and their VIP security skill lies in their experience and training, coupled with adaptive ability. Together, that can guarantee your safety. Depending on your  needs and plans, they can help you create the kind of absolute security that leaves no room for worry. With full range of qualifications, certifications and training, Including SIA licensing, they understand what it takes to take care of a situation, whether that’s simply being vigilant and keeping an eye on crowds for subltle mood shifts, or dealing with more hectic incidents, they are there to keep you safe. A big part of successful security  work well with other security teams and the police in order to keep a situation calm and under control. Certain situations and environments demand a combined approach, and with their training and experience, that’s something they are able to handle.

For our clients who travel in business, this is where the rubber hits the road. Be it oil rigs on the Tunisian-Libyan border or remote mines in New Guinea, this is where our Travel Security provider shines.

These VIP security officers execute the following missions:
• Asssist in Travel Plans
• Assist in choosing most appropriate hotel/lodging in terms of communications, accessibility and security.
• Liase with local national security elements for up to minute intelligence data.
• If exceptional security considerations are warranted, will co-ordinnate with Host Nation forces for additional resources from either Armed Forces of the Police.
• Provide flawless Close Protection in a seamless manner.
• Serve as personal envoys of the client
• Enjoy considerable Command Presence thus backstopping the important imagery associated with the client when necessary.
• Arrange surreptitiously to fly client out on a chartered aircraft under a disguised name and flight plan.
• Escort client  through airport check-in, passport control and customs and will remain with client until final boarding.

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